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Kowalski’s really outdone himself this time. He’s developed some incredible new tools to help you on your different missions. Now that you know WHO you’ll be rescuing, you should also know HOW you’ll be doing it. These devices don’t require too much technical know-how, but you will need to use everything you know about reading and science to make your way through the tasks. These aren't your average tricks of the double-agent trade-- they’re Penguin-created and Penguin-approved.

The Plan-tastic Machine

Plan-tastic - World of Madagascar Tools
The Plan-tastic machine allows you to practice physics skills by carefully arranging items to complete a specific task. You’ll need to bring your brains for this one - tasks start out easy but grow more challenging as you learn new tasks and complete more levels.


Craft-o-Matic - World of Madagascar Tools
As you’re rescuing baby animals, you might find yourself in need of special items. This is where the Craft-O-Matic comes in. You’ll transform items that you’ve collected around the game into new items that you’ll need on your various missions. Kowalski never ceases to amaze us... this machine is truly incredible!


Transmorpher - World of Madagascar Tools
Last but not least, the Transmorpher. You never know when you might need an undercover disguise, stat. The Transmorpher gives you just that by allowing you to morph yourself into a Zoo Animal with the right combination of ingredients. Along with the Craft-O-Matic and Plan-tastic machine, the Transmorpher completes the spy toolkit.