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Baby Animals - World of Madagascar

Heads up, recruit. We’ve got some inside Intel on World of Madagascar. Here’s your first real insight into your operation: cute and cuddly baby animals. Yes, you read that right. Cute. And. Cuddly.

The evil octopus Dave has kidnapped some helpless furry friends and Skipper and the boys need help recovering them from his clutches. Before we can go into what exactly you’ll be doing, it’s important that you know exactly who you’ll saving. First rule of spy club is know your target. (Second rule is always have Cheezy Dibbles on hand). Keep reading to learn more about the different baby animals that you’ll be rescuing.

Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe - World of Madagascar
Meet the Baby Giraffe. It’s tall, it’s cute. And it’s helpless. You’ll need to use some serious brainpower to complete grade-specific learning quests as you complete different tasks to save it from Dave’s clutches.

Baby Bird

Baby Bird - World of Madagascar
Next up is the Baby Bird. It was kidnapped by Dave and his henchmen before its Mother could teach it to fly, and it’s baby wings aren’t strong enough to fly. Just like the Baby Giraffe, saving this Baby Bird will require brains and brawn. You’ll need to act-- and think-- fast and on your feet to rescue this feathered friend.

Baby Penguin

Baby Penguin - World of Madagascar
You can imagine how devastated Skipper and the boys were when they learned that one of their own had been captured by Dave. This mission is especially important to the Penguins and you’ll have to work harder than ever to save this little fellow. They’re committed to rescuing ALL of the baby animals that Dave’s kidnapped, especially a fellow friend from the Arctic.

Baby Zebra

Baby Zebra - World of Madagascar
A Zebra doesn’t change it’s stripes, and neither does Dave. Once an evil octopus, always an evil octopus. The Penguins could hardly believe it when they learned that a fourth cute and cuddly creature had been taken by Dave. There’s no time to waste, this Baby Zebra needs rescuing just like the others. Now that you’ve got visuals on your targets, get to work recruit!