Grade Based Lesson Plans

Teachers looking for lesson plans online will be happy to find grade based lesson plans.Grade based lesson plans are particularly useful for teachers in elementary school, especially teachers of preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. Grade based lesson plans help elementary school teachers find lesson plans for different subjects under a single category. This is useful for teachers who teach the same grade different subjects.

JumpStart has a large collection of fun worksheets and activities for kids of all ages. Teachers can use these resources to add fun to any lesson plan!


Preschool Lesson Plans

Preschool lesson plans have fun and interesting activities that children in pre-K would enjoy. These are short activities that are appropriate for children with short attention spans. Preschool lesson plans often include many games and hands-on activities that ensure children are having so much fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning.

Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Kindergarten lesson plans help teachers make learning fun for kindergarteners. Kindergarten lesson plans introduce phonetics, numbers and simple vocabulary to students in kindergarten through fun games. Simple scholastic skills are also taught through craft activities.

1st Grade Lesson Plans

1st grade lesson plans introduce more structure into classes. Students in 1st grade are beginning to learn important scholastic skills that form the basis of their later education. 1st grade lesson plans keep lessons interesting by suggesting activities that ensure children have fun while learning their lessons.

2nd Grade Lesson Plans

2nd grade lesson plans help introduce more complex concepts in math, science and reading to students in 2nd grade. Children learn best when they’re having fun, and 2nd grade lesson plans assist teachers who want to make sure 2nd graders have a great time in class.

3rd Grade Lesson Plans

3rd grade lesson plans help teachers cater to the more mature minds in 3rd grade. Simple activities that younger students enjoy are often less interesting for 3rd graders. 3rd grade lesson plans suggest learning activities that teachers can use to keep their students interested while learning.

4th Grade Lesson Plans

4th grade lesson plans need to be designed keeping in mind the milestones that the kids should achieve by the end of the academic year. There are umpteen resources for free 4th grade lesson plans available online. While these are a good starting point, homeschooling parents and teachers should modify the lessons to suit the standards and preferences of their 4th graders.

5th Grade Lesson Plans

Designing lesson plans for 5th graders can be quite challenging. 5th grade lessons should not only be in keeping with the standards and objectives of that grade but should also be presented in a manner that is simple for the kids to understand. Since concepts and topics get more complex in this grade, it is also important to ensure that 5th grade lesson plans include enough time for revision.

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