Social Studies Curriculum

JumpStart has lots of social studies worksheets, activities and lesson plans on important topics in geography, history and civics. Teachers can use these social studies resources to supplement any social studies curriculum.

Children begin studying social studies right in kindergarten, though the curriculum then is very different from what it becomes in later grades. In the early years, it focuses on easily understandable concepts that kids are familiar with. Students learn about family, society and the way people interact with each other in a community. Over the years, the social studies curriculum begins to include places outside the student’s home country and people who have influenced the lives of others. By fifth grade, students are learning about advanced topics like climographs, American colonial history and the Declaration of Independence.

Choosing the Right Social Studies Curriculum

Choosing the right curriculum for homeschool involves a fair amount of research. Parents must ensure that the curriculum meets the social studies standards as prescribed by the state and the country. Also, the students must find the material easily understandable, and yet challenging. A good social studies curriculum should keep students interested in the subject, and eager to get back to work on it the next day.

Supplementing the Social Studies Curriculum

Parents and teachers can use JumpStart’s educational resources like worksheets, activities and lesson plans to supplement the social studies curriculum being used. With so many teaching resources available online, helping students meet the national and state standards should be a piece of cake!


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