Reading Curriculum for Kids

Parents can choose from a wide variety of homeschooling reading curriculums. Choosing the right reading curriculum is important to ensure kids have a great time learning to read.

JumpStart has many fun reading worksheets and activities for kids!

Reading Activities

Reading Worksheets for Kindergarten

The Different Reading Curricula

Reading curricula differ from each other in terms of their approach to teaching kids how to read. Some focus on mastering phonics, while others focus on ‘sight reading,’ which involves memorizing whole words. The sight reading method, however, has been criticized by some educationists. Among the phonics-based reading curricula, too, there are differences. Some have colorful textbooks with many pictures, while others are simple and come only in black and white. Some follow the standard text design, while others are multi-sensory and include movable letters, or songs and rhymes. Some include different scripts to help students master the initially confusing concept of multiple letter sounds for a single alphabet. Parents should choose the curriculum for reading based on the kind of instruction they want to give their child.

Support Material for Reading Curricula

Parents should remember that the reading curriculum chosen for homeschooling or by the children’s school is not binding. It is not necessary to complete every worksheet provided if the child has already mastered the concept. Activities can be altered to suit the learning style and pace of each student. On the other hand, if the reading curriculum does not include enough practice material, parents can always find support material on the internet. There are plenty of reading activities and worksheets that parents can choose from. A good reading game can be of great use to a child who is just learning to read.

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