Math Curriculum for All Grades

Homeschooling parents will find that when it comes to choosing the curriculum for math, there is a huge variety available. In fact, the number of math curriculums available to choose from may make choosing the right one difficult.


Math Curriculum for Kindergarten


Math Curriculum for 1st Grade


Math Curriculum for 2nd Grade


Math Curriculum for 3rd Grade


Math Curriculum for 4th Grade


Math Curriculum for 5th Grade


The Different Kinds of Math Curriculum

The differences in the types of math curricula come from the different ideas about how the subject should be taught and understood. Many curricula follow a spiral approach. This means that with each new concept, there is plenty of revision of old concepts. Other kinds follow a mastery-based approach, with less revision. Some focus more on the student’s problem-solving skills. Some focus on understanding the ‘why’ of math and others help students understand how it is used in every day life. Some use blocks, an abacus, or other such materials to aid understanding and learning. They also differ in terms of the amount of practice problems provided. Before parents choose a home school study program, they should understand what is different about each one, and then make the decision based on their knowledge of their children.

Support Material for Math Curricula

When teaching their kids math, parents do not have to rely solely on the mathematics curriculum they or the school has chosen. There are lots of educational math resources that can be used to supplement it. Whether one is looking for math worksheets or workbooks for extra practice, games for added fun, videos for better explanations, or websites for more information about a concept, math resources are easily available on the internet. Parents can make use of these resources to give children the extra help they need to master the subject!

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