Second Grade Curriculum

The curriculum for 2nd graders builds heavily from the 1st grade curriculum. From new science concepts to more complex math operations, it includes all this and more. Go through our collection of printable 2nd grade worksheets and activities and include them in your curriculum plan! These resources are appropriate for 7- 8 year olds.

Online Curriculum for 2nd Graders – What They Should Learn

This generally includes advanced problems on concepts taught already as well as new concepts. It is easy to find broad frameworks of the 2nd grade curriculum online.

The reading curriculum for 2nd graders involves recognizing parts of speech, using punctuations properly, reading and spelling words correctly, and more. The 2nd grade math curriculum includes place value, mental math, calculating with monetary values, addition and subtraction, geometry and graphs. In this year they also learn many new and interesting science facts and concepts about the life cycle, plants and animals, and electricity. Since there is so much happening in second grade, it is a good idea to constantly give them revision exercises and gauge their understanding at different points of time.

Free Curriculum Plans for 2nd Grade

There are many sources online that homeschooling parents and teachers can use to draft the curriculum plan for 2nd graders. You can include our collection of 2nd grade resources to give them additional practice on all the required topics. Parents and teachers should ensure that the curriculum plan they design is developmentally appropriate. With the right curriculum, second graders will not only be able to build on the concepts learnt earlier but will also be able to learn new ones.

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