English Curriculum for All Grades

Choosing the right home school curriculum for English is about as tough as finding the right one for any other subject. Parents should always compare English curricula from multiple sources before settling on the best one for their kids.

JumpStart has fun English worksheets and English activities that parents can use to give their kids extra English practice.

English Activities

English Worksheets

English Worksheets for Kindergarten

English Worksheets for 1st Grade

English Worksheets for 2nd Grade

English Worksheets for 3rd Grade

English Worksheets for 4th Grade

English Worksheets for 5th Grade

The Different Kinds of English Curricula

When it comes to choosing the right English curriculum, parents often find that they have to pick and choose them from different companies before they have a satisfactory overall course. This is because English is such a broad subject, comprised of components like writing, spelling, grammar and vocabulary. Each publisher may have a combination of one or more of these components in their English curriculum, leaving parents to search for an additional course that covers the remaining components. However, some English curricula do have all of these components in a single book. After finding out about the options available and what is different about each one, parents can make their final choice keeping the child’s and the family’s requirements in mind.

Support Material for English Curricula

English educational resources can be used to supplement any English curriculum. There are plenty of English worksheets and activities that parents can use to give their children extra practice. Word games are a fun and effective way of practicing vocabulary and spelling. Online English games are another great way of practicing English while having fun

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