Curriculum for All Grades

Choosing the right curriculum for students is one of the first things that a homeschooling parent must do. While some parents may wish to design it from scratch, most prefer to choose from the many ready-made curricula that are available for all subjects and grades.

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Choosing the Right Curriculum

Choosing a curriculum is never an easy task. The one that a teacher decides to follow depends on the students, their personalities and interests, the teacher, the teaching style of the teacher, the price and the needs of the students and the teacher, to name a few important factors. What makes the choice even more difficult is the number of curricula available to choose from. Some follow international standards, some follow national standards, and still others follow state standards. Some focus on the subject matter only, while others include lots of activities and/or extra-curricular material to capture and retain the student’s interest. When it comes to education, having choices is never a bad thing. The many options available make it possible for parents to choose the one that is best for them and their children.

Using Support Material to Supplement a Curriculum

Parents may find it necessary to use support material when a curriculum does not fully meet the needs of a child, whether the child is going to a traditional school or being homeschooled. For example, while a math curriculum may follow a teaching approach that is perfect for a particular child, the student may need extra practice in certain concepts. A parent may feel that while it has done a good job of introducing many topics to the child, he or she needs extra help for one particular lesson. In such cases, parents can use support material like workbooks, or even individual worksheets. Sometimes, parents may find that a curriculum does not place much importance on activities, while learning activities have helped the child in the past. Parents can then look for additional activities that will help the child master a lesson. Some parents like to use learning games to help children improve in certain subjects. These games work well because they allow children to have fun while they learn important scholastic skills. Just as there are many curricula for parents to choose from, there is also a lot of support material that parents can fall back on to supplement curricula that have deficiencies. Parents can make use of both to ensure that their children have a good learning experience.

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