World History Worksheets

Emperors and empires, warriors and treaties, ancient history and modern are the focus of this range of free printable World History worksheets.

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Free Printable World History Worksheets – The Benefits

Let your child unfold the mysteries of the past! Each World History worksheet in this collection brings your budding historian vis-à-vis with the historical figures of the ancient and not-so-ancient past. They take him on a roller-coaster journey through exotic places, cultures and time periods.

  • Each World History worksheet brings historical events and figures vividly to life, testing your child’s knowledge and offering new insights at the same time.
  • Besides making history fun, these worksheets help youngsters train their minds and learn to process large chunks of information.
  • They challenge your child’s ability to answer questions based on what they have read, find supporting evidence and reach a conclusion.
  • Young historians are taught to look beyond appearances, ask the right questions and have the confidence to stand by their opinion.
  • Your child develops an understanding of social and political issues, both past and present.

These free World History worksheets also help your child

  • Develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through the study of literatures, philosophies and histories from different parts of the world.
  • Learn about cultures, time periods and regions that are very different from his own.
  • cquire an understanding of the major issues faced by different peoples, particularly those related to human rights, the environment as well as conflict and peace.
  • Study the ways in which the wider world affects the everyday lives and experiences of ordinary people and vice versa.
  • Understand the meaning of citizenship and the importance of civic values, as a member of a community and the larger world.

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