Time Worksheets

Time worksheets are an excellent resource for parents and teachers trying to teach kids the concept of time and the various ways of measuring it. Browse through JumpStart’s free and printable time worksheets for a great choice of printables that you can use with your kids. You will also find these free math worksheets extremely useful when you teach your child to tell time.

Teaching to Tell Time

Learning to tell the time is a watershed moment in a child’s education. Using two different number systems at the same time (1 through 12 and 1 through 60) can never be difficult when you are three. It is important to make the process as easy as possible for him. Make sure you use a large clock with big, maneuverable hands and no plastic or glass cover. But before you start, he needs to be able to count till 60 and know the 5 times table thoroughly. These are foundational skills that must be in place before kids learn to tell time.

Time Worksheets for Kids

JumpStart’s printable time worksheets focus on the vital skill of telling time. Preschoolers do not fully understand the concept of hours, days or months. Our time worksheets help kids relate to the various ways of measuring time and understand the different devices used to keep track of it. Calendar worksheets help pre-schoolers understand the concept of days and months, and how the months are organized in a year. Clock worksheets introduce kids to the concepts of minutes and hours. Younger kids begin with analog clocks and then gradually learn how to tell time using digital clocks.

Free and Printable Telling Time Worksheets

You can get your first grader started on telling time with our time to the hour worksheets. With practice, older kids can aim for more accurate readings. By second grade, your child should be a master at telling time. You can provide support and help with our telling time to the minute worksheets.

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