Story Writing Worksheets

Which child doesn’t love stories? Have your child create and tell stories of his own with our free story writing worksheets for kids!

How will online story writing worksheets help your child?

  • Writing stories helps kids organize their thoughts and express themselves in a coherent manner.
  • They learn to communicate in a variety of ways through writing.
  • Writing stories online makes it easier to read and understand other people’s writing – in any form.

Who are these story writing worksheets for?

Anyone interested in improving their story writing skills can benefit from these worksheets. Whether your child is just learning about proper sentence structure or is already an experienced author, he/she will only get better with practice. Beginners can pick up story writing skills with simple fill-in-the-blank type worksheets. Older kids can hone their writing skills with the more challenging story writing worksheets. Just browse through our collection of free and printable worksheets and you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your child.

Tips – How to teach kids to write a story

  • Read some of your child’s favorite stories to him and talk about the author of the story, the different parts, the characters, the plot and the connections between words and pictures. Discuss the story and ask questions.
  • Encourage your child to write a similar story. If the story is about a little girl and her pet cat, for instance, have your child write about himself and his pet hamster (or any other kind of pet.)
  • Once your child picks the topic, the two of you can create a storyboard –pictures that put the story’s events in order – together.
  • Once your child determines the final order of the story, have him write a few sentences or a paragraph for each picture.
  • Have him read the story to you and help him with missing details, additional facts or connecting the different parts.
  • Try out other story writing activities to hone your child’s writing skills.

And watch your little one become a creative writing pro!

Don’t forget to boost his vocabulary, writing and reading comprehension skills with our free and printable educational resources for kids.

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