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Statistics can be fun! Help us prove it with this range of printable statistics worksheets for kids of all ages!

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Facts about Stats – Learn More with Free Statistics Worksheets

Here are some terms commonly used by statisticians:

  • Raw data

    These are the numbers that have been actually collected, measured and recorded by statisticians. Suppose you wanted to find out if children who had cereal for breakfast tended to skip lunch than children who had a doughnut. In the experiment, 10 children would have cereal for breakfast and 10 would have a doughnut each. You would then note how many of them skipped lunch at 1:00 pm and how many didn’t. These numbers are your raw data.

  • The mean

    This is the sum of all the scores divided by the total number of scores, also known as the ‘average.’

  • The median

    This is the number that falls precisely midway in the set of numbers and is another way to describe it. You can easily arrive at the median by arranging the numbers in order.

  • The mode

    This is the number that occurs most frequently in a set of numbers but it does not tell us anything more about the data.

  • The range

    This is the difference between the highest and lowest values in the set of numbers, but, like the mode, it does not tell anything much about the data.

  • The standard deviation

    This is a number that tells you how closely the various scores are clustered around the mean in a set of raw data.

So now that you know something about statistics, get ready to take on the free printable Statistics worksheets!

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