Space Worksheets

The outer space has always been a mysterious and exciting place for kids. Below you will find a range of free printable Space worksheets that help your child learn more about this fascinating topic.

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All about Space

The area beyond the Earth’s atmosphere is known as space or outer space. Outer space is nothing but a black and empty near-vacuum, with stars, planets and other celestial matter scattered throughout. But since the outer space is so vast, we know very little about it, despite the enormous advances made in the fields of math, physics and astronomy. In fact, the more we understand of the universe, the less we actually seem to know about it. This has given rise to a variety of mysteries and conspiracy theories about unexplained phenomena. One thing we do know about outer space is that, unlike Earth, it’s a very hostile and awe-inspiring place. When astronauts step into outer space they have to wear a special space suit because the atmosphere here is extremely dangerous and you can die within seconds if something goes wrong.

Why use Space worksheets?

Kids are full of natural curiosity and love to wonder about aliens and other marvels that supposedly live in outer space. They are thrilled by the idea of space travel and how astronauts have visited and explored the moon.

You can use these printable space worksheets to help your child get the inside view on outer space. And get him interested in a plethora of other subjects as well – from practical science, astronomy, physics, and math, to English and even history.

These free science resources are designed to capture the interest and imagination of students across ages and grades.

They teach your kids about outer space and astronomy in many creative ways. Who knows, you could be nurturing a future John Glenn or Sally Ride!

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