Sight Word Worksheets

Supplementing your child’s reading syllabus with sight words is one of the best ways of ensuring they hone and master this all-important skill. Add JumpStart’s free and printable sight word worksheets as well as flash cards to your child’s learning now. Browse through our list of sight word worksheets and start printing!

Make your child become a better reader and writer with these free fun vocabulary worksheets and

Sight words are a set of approximately 100 words that most often appear in reading texts and are frequently used and repeated in conversation. This list includes common words like I, a, in, to, of, is, among others. Identifying and recognizing these words can help children become proficient readers without resorting to reading strategies. Sight word recognition is best accomplished through memorization. That’s because most of these cannot be taught with the help of pictures or phonics, nor can they be sounded out easily. Sight words worksheets are especially important for young readers who are yet to develop their reading and decoding skills.

Free Printable Sight Word Worksheets

Your can help your child become a successful reader with the help of sight words. Sight words are some 100 odd words that make up 50% of all reading texts. This list includes words like “a,” “in,” “to,” and “is – words that are frequently used but extremely difficult to illustrate or sound out. The best way to learn them is to use flash cards or worksheets for drilling young learners. Once these words have been mastered, your child can move on to more difficult and less common words.

Get hold of our free and printable sight word worksheets to make reading a pleasurable experience for the little ones. Apart from helping kids hone their reading skills, these fun worksheets also affect their comprehension and spelling skills positively. Check out our range of sight worksheets for kids and download now.

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