Nursery Rhymes Worksheets

How would our lives have been if we didn’t have moms and dads singing “Twinkle, twinkle,” or “Little Miss Muppet” to our ears while we ate, played, slept, or anytime in the day! So, it’s only natural that nursery rhymes grow on kids when they start to read and write. The many nursery rhymes worksheets available online look like fairy tales and feel like dreams with their colorful illustrations and innovative exercise based on the rhymes!Teaching your child your favorite nursery rhymes can be a wonderful trip down memory lane. Here are some fun nursery rhymes worksheets to make your job easy.

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Tips for Teaching Nursery Rhymes to Kids

  1. Be patient

    Learning to read and recite nursery rhymes isn’t easy for a toddler who is barely able to lisp in syllables. Visit a bookstore together and ask him to choose some books he can read. Have a daily reading session and encourage him to read along with you. Nursery rhymes have a repetitive quality that helps kids improve their enunciation. But do not force him to read or recite if he seems bored or unwilling.

  2. Follow the rhythm

    Nursery rhymes have rhythms that make them fun and engaging to kids. Modulate your voice so that it is bright and cheerful; whatever you do, make sure you avoid a monotone. Use gestures as you recite and get your child involved in the performance. This will develop his hand-eye coordination and make it easier for him to learn the nursery rhyme.

Printable nursery rhymes worksheets are literacy tools that help kids learn better. Check them out today!

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