Measurement Worksheets

Measurements are an integral part of our everyday lives – we measure time, food, ingredients, space, objects and almost everything in-between. In fact, measurement is such a commonplace fact of our world that kids learn to count, weigh, calculate and measure before they even learn those words.

Check out these interesting measurement worksheets for kids.

Free Measurement Worksheets for Kids

Imparting measurement skills to your child –the different kinds of measurements, terms of measurement and conversion, as well as the tools needed to measure certain things - is a vital part of their education.

Most math concepts that your child needs to learn can be made more interesting and practical. Measurement is one of them. You can help them remember what they have learnt by providing lots of worksheets and hands-on activities that allow them to carry out all kinds of measurements. Learning measurements is a lesson your child can actively participate in –whether it is learning to use a weighing scale or a tape measure or even a clock.

How can measurement worksheets help kids?

Learning measurement math can turn boring if kids are not taught with the correct tools – colorful measurement worksheets, engaging measurement activities, and plenty of measurement math exercises. JumpStart’s worksheets on measurements are as engaging as they are challenging. Kids will love the colorful display and most importantly, they will not get bored with the right mix of problems.

Use these free printable measurement and conversion worksheets to give your child the best possible learning experience. Math will never be the same again!

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