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Mazes are “a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way”. Mazes have stepped out of books into the world of online games to entertain and educate kids in a fun yet simplistic way. The sense of personal accomplishment after solving difficult and easy mazes is unparalleled! Online mazes can sometimes be very challenging that require a sharp mind to solve. Mazes have always fascinated mankind and provoked unquenchable curiosity about what lies at the heart of what is, after all, a network of hedges or walls and paths (open to the sky in some cases.)

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Science behind Playing Maze Games

Mazes are not just about one strategy. You have to innovate along your path to constantly fight new blocks and evolve with a solution. Though hard and simple mazes have a definite goal and path to accomplish the desired result, they don’t and cannot warn the player of the hazards along their way. Most of the online mazes can only be solved with a structured and deliberate approach that can only come from discipline.

A Brief History of Mazes – Through Free Mazes Worksheets

The actual origins of the maze have been lost in the mists of time, but some of the earliest mazes we know of today can be traced back to Neolithic times. Later came the famous mazes of Egypt and Crete, which were actually only parts of larger monuments.

The ancient Romans also built many interesting mosaic labyrinths, but they were quite different from the Egyptian and Cretan mazes. The Roman writer Pliny recorded a curious use of Roman labyrinths - they were drawn on the ground used to test the horse riding skills of young Romans.

For more information about mazes, ancient and modern, check out these free printable Mazes Worksheets for kids.

How Playing Maze Puzzles Helps Kids?

Few know that mazes for kids help improve their handwriting. Before kids take to writing, there are many small muscles in their hands and fingers that need to be developed. The fine motor skill of solving mazes helps kids manipulate their fingers and develop stronger wrist muscles, tone physical strength and balance. Kids get to hone their problem solving skills by solving easy mazes online in a fun way that also positively affects their power of concentration. Though mazes look like great pastimes, they sincerely contribute to kids’ development. Mazes are a great way to boost kids’ patience and persistence and reward them effectively for applying both the skills. Besides improving hand-eye coordination, mazes go a great way in improving kids’ cognitive thought processes. Solving mazes has also been known to boost memory and take them a long way!

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