Logic Puzzles Worksheets

If your child seems to be intimidated by math and logic problems, here are our free printable logic puzzles worksheets to make it fun and entertaining. Here you will find all kinds of puzzles, word problems and brain teasers that will make your child love exercising his brain.

Logic Puzzles of Every Kind

Logic puzzles are commonly associated with math, since math and logic are closely related. However, logic puzzles can come in any form – a riddle, a visual puzzle or even a word puzzle. The logic puzzle worksheets on this page cover all types of logic puzzles, and are suitable for kids of all ages. Kids averse to math and numbers can try out puzzles involving words or pictures. Even adults can benefit from trying out these puzzles. The interesting thing about logic puzzles is that even though they are not directly related to any subject, they can help boost your child’s scholastic skills. After all, they help develop critical thinking skills and improve concentration – both contributing to a better performance in school. Moreover, these puzzles are fun to work on and can even get quite addictive! Here are more reasons for you to try out these logic puzzle worksheets today.

Benefits of Solving Logic Puzzle Worksheets

JumpStart's logic puzzle worksheets for kids will help your child succeed at school. Here's how:

  • Research shows that young minds do better if they are exposed to interesting activities such as brain games.
  • Your child gets to practice and improve his basic math skills in a fun way.
  • He learns to think in a logical manner.
  • If math bores or scares him, doing logic puzzles will help to get him hooked to the subject.
  • These worksheets help introduce new math concepts or review previously learnt concepts.

If your child won’t give up till he’s figured it out, logic puzzles are for him. Get him started immediately! And when he’s done with those, don’t forget to check out our other free math worksheets.

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