Free Printable Preschool Worksheets for Kids

JumpStart has a large collection of preschool worksheets, covering topics like alphabets, colors, numbers, shapes and fine motor skills. Preschool worksheets focus more on specific skills instead of specific subjects. For example, an English preschool worksheet will focus on sounding out words instead of writing them or a math preschool worksheet will have exercises on counting objects rather than solving counting problems. Useful worksheets for preschoolers go a long way in shaping their futures by forming a strong foundation in multiple skills.

The free and printable worksheets are great for parents and teachers who want to help 3 and 4 year old kids learn or practice important preschool skills and curriculum.

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Preschool Worksheets

Preschool worksheets allow children to develop their creativity, handwriting readiness, vocabulary and math, in addition to many other foundational skills. Pave the way for your preschooler’s success with worksheets from JumpStart. Children show long-term benefits from engaging in organized activities early in life. Our fun worksheets for preschoolers are great for early learning, which in turn will prove to be greatly beneficial for your child in the future.

Teaching with Preschool Worksheets

Our worksheets focus on the basic skills that kids are required to learn in their early childhood. Fine motor skills, alphabets, numbers, and colors can be effectively taught with them. Most of JumpStart’s worksheets have suggested activities at the bottom of the page. These activities are usually educational activities that you can do with your child to supplement the lesson on the worksheet. The suggested activities are a great way to spend quality time with your child while contributing to his/her scholastic development.

Also browse through these preschool games, preschool activities, and coloring pages to get your child started on the path of academics.

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