1st Grade Math Worksheets

Help make math a cakewalk for first graders. Introduce them to JumpStart’s 1st grade math worksheets and give them the opportunity to overcome their reservations towards the subject.

First Grade Math Worksheets Make Math Stress-Free

For those who have been acquainted with first grade math worksheets, math will never be a source of stress again! The worksheets give first graders a chance to practice their problems over and over till they are confident of having mastered them. Being free and printable, the math worksheets for first grade are great resources for teachers as well as homeschooling parents. Depending on how they are used, JumpStart’s 1st grade math worksheets can serve different purposes. Initially, they can be used to gain practice. Later, they can be timed to teach first graders to solve their problems quickly.

Free Math Worksheets for First Graders Boost Confidence

1st grade is an important milestone in your child’s schooling years. Not only will kids expand and build on concepts already learnt in kindergarten, they will also be introduced to many new and important ones. These concepts will then go on to serve as the foundation for the future. The math worksheets for first grade include fundamental topics like counting forward and backwards, simple addition and subtraction, basics of geometry and fractions, telling time accurately, recognizing patterns, odds and evens and more. Print them according to topic and help your kids master first grade math.

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