5th Grade Social Studies Worksheets

The 5th grade social studies curriculum is a child’s initiation into the complex rules of the society, governance as well as the history and geography of the world around us. JumpStart’s 5th grade social studies worksheets will help your child ease her way into it.

Free Online Social Studies Worksheets for 5th Grade

The social studies curriculum for fifth grade is vast and involves the understanding of various other things. Disciplines such as history, geography, and civics are taught in much more detail, broadening a fifth grader’s understanding of the world around her. Often, this has the potential to overburden 10-11-year-old children. To avoid an information overload, get your fifth graders to practice with our printable social studies worksheets. These online worksheets include the wide range of topics covered by the subject this academic year. They are free and easily accessible and are thus, at the disposal of parents and teachers.

The free 5th grade social studies worksheets at JumpStart serve as excellent teaching tools for both parents and teachers. As for fifth graders themselves, they are the best possible way of understanding social studies concepts learnt this year and practicing them till they have been perfected. Browse through our collection and print them today.

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