5th Grade Science Worksheets

Learning science and its theories is integral to your child’s well-rounded development. Find free online science worksheets for 5th grade at JumpStart and make science an entertaining part of your child’s life.

Free and Printable Science Worksheets for 5th Grade

Being the last grade of elementary school, 5th grade is the stepping stone in your child’s academic career. The 5th grade science curriculum not only builds on all the topics and concepts learnt thus far, but also lays the foundation for more complex concepts and theories kids are likely to encounter in higher grades. Thus, it is important for 10-11 year old 5th graders to have complete understanding of the scientific concepts learnt this year. It is no secret that total understanding comes with regular practice. JumpStart’s free and printable 5th grade science worksheets give kids the chance to hand-pick each topic and practice till they have been perfected.

Our online science worksheets for grade 5 can be used to serve various needs – be it for spot remediation or to give kids some extra practice after school. With each topic boasting of dedicated worksheets, 5th graders are at a liberty to learn at their own pace. Browse through our interactive, entertaining and student-centric worksheets and printables today!

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