5th Grade English Worksheets

Help 5th graders acquire the required skills to speak English at its fluent best. Get them started on our fun and free 5th grade English worksheets and watch them master the language in no time!

Free Fun and Engaging 5th Grade English Worksheets and Printables

As it is with other subjects, 5th grade English too is at quite an advanced stage. By now, kids are expected to have attained a certain level of fluency, developed a well-rounded vocabulary and honed their comprehension skills. Based on that assumption, they are taught more complex rules of grammar. To command a flawless mastery over the language, it is imperative that 5th grade skills are perfected. For kids to gain enough confidence in each department, it is also important to give them the chance to practice repeatedly. JumpStart’s 5th grade English worksheets have been designed to help kids go over the newly learnt concepts till they are mastered. Being free and printable, kids are at the liberty to print as many as they want!

The needs of one kid can vary drastically from those of his best friend. If one fifth grader needs to develop a better vocabulary, another might need to work on his sentence structure. The JumpStart English worksheets for 5th grade individually target the different skills that constitute the 5th grade English curriculum. Browse through our selection of free and printable worksheets on vocabulary skills, comprehension, sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, etc. and print some for your kids today!

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