2nd Grade Science Worksheets

Find a large collection of free science worksheets for 2nd grade here at JumpStart and help your kids sail through second grade science curriculum without batting an eyelid.




Free Printable Science Worksheets for Second Grade

Seven to eight year old second graders are at an age where the appetite for discovering the world around is at its very peak. Science plays an integral role in whetting that appetite. Not only does it encourage kids to understand the way things function but also allows much room for fun. JumpStart’s second grade science worksheets are an introduction to the exciting world of science and the various experiments and investigations involved. These free and printable 2nd grade science worksheets will give kids enough scope to practice their concepts till they are confident about them.

Help your kids get familiar with second grade science facts and concepts like water cycle, seasons, living beings, planets, electricity, and more. The free 2nd grade science worksheets and printables available at JumpStart will give kids a thorough introduction to these concepts. With fun exercises and activities available, second grade science will soon become one joyride!

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