2nd Grade Reading Worksheets

Second grade is when studies take a serious turn. This year, kids will build on what they have learnt in 1st grade as well as get introduced to newer concepts. With so much happening, our 2nd grade reading worksheets are a great way of ensuring kids are well versed with the curriculum!


Fun Short Stories for 2nd Grade

Online 2nd Grade Reading Worksheets - Extra Practice to Help Kids Stay Ahead

As kids move on to 2nd grade, they are introduced to a whole bunch of new ideas and exercises. When compared to the previous grades, the reading curriculum for 2nd graders is diverse and more evolved. Concepts like recognizing parts of speech, reading and spelling longer words, using punctuation etc. are part of what 2nd graders are exposed to. JumpStart’s collection of second grade reading worksheets will give kids the opportunity to revise the concepts till they have mastered them.

Both teachers as well as parents who are homeschooling their kids will find reading worksheets for 2nd grade handy. This is because these reading worksheets are great barometers of a child’s progress and her grasp on the skills learnt. To give kids extra practice and to keep track of their understanding at all times, introduce 2nd graders to JumpStart’s reading worksheets today!

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