Fine Motor Skills Worksheets

Fine motor skills are those that use the smaller muscles to carry out functions such as writing, holding small objects and fastening clothes. They require a certain amount of dexterity, strength and motor control. Fine motor skills affect your child’s learning skills deeply and are also important in his life in general. Weakness in this area can have a negative impact on his ability to use computers, write legibly and even make it difficult button a shirt or perform other personal tasks.

Use these free printable worksheets to improve your child's fine motor skills.

How to Tackle your Child's Fine Motor Weaknesses

  • If your child’s education is being affected by fine motor weakness, you need to consult an occupational or physical therapist. Most children benefit from special instruction and a customized education program in such cases.
  • Kindergarten or elementary school children can improve their fine motor skills with board games consisting of parts and pieces that need to be handled.
  • Remote controlled cars and video games also help to improve fine motor skills.
  • Drawing and coloring also help younger kids develop their hand-eye coordination.

Advantages of practicing fine motor skills worksheets

Worksheets such as coloring, drawing, craft making, counting, etc. help kids sharpen their reflex actions, finger movements, and develop a unique precision in each of their tasks. Some of our worksheets will engage the little kids as well as any kindergarten activity will. Browse through the entire collection to have your pick and help the kids solve them.

And don’t forget to try our free educational worksheets for kids of all ages.

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