Fairy Tale Worksheets

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

- Albert Einstein

Mythical, magical, fantastical, happy, idealistic, romantic, delightful, awe-inspiring – fairy tales are all this and more, much more! A fairy tale is a folkloric story with many magical creatures in it. Most fairy tales revolve around the ‘good versus evil’ battle, where the good always finds ways to overpower the bad and emerge victorious. Fairy tales are childhood staples. While picking a good fairy tale to read to your child, you need to consider his age and developmental stage. Some fairy tales might be too violent or upsetting for young children. Some might be scary, in which case, you can read it at lunch time instead of bedtime. Use your judgment and let your child use his while making optimum use of fairy tales.

While fairy tales might seem like only good reads, they pack in many important lessons and are essential for the overall development of a child’s faculties. We understand this and bring to you a range of fairy tale worksheets. Apart from being enchanting, these free and printable worksheets for kids also help the little learners master their critical thinking and creative writing, and language arts skills. Check them out!

Importance of Fairy Tales – 5 Reasons Why You Should Read Them to Your Kids

  • Fairy tales help resolve conflict by teaching critical thinking skills.
  • Fairy tales encourage us to choose right over wrong, even if the wrong path looks easier.
  • Fairy tales teach the basics of good storytelling.
  • Fairy tales help develop imagination.
  • Fairy tales act as a common language and unite children across cultures.

Free Fairy Tale Worksheets for Kids

Surprise your kids with these fun fairy tale worksheets. From teaching them about plotting, storytelling, creative writing, and character portraiture to giving them the chance to immerse themselves in fun coloring activities, JumpStart’s fairy tale worksheets are a storehouse of fun. Get them now!

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