Earth Worksheets

Our beautiful Earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system. Check out this wide range of free Earth science worksheets for all grades!

A Brief History of the Earth

No one knows precisely when and how the Earth came into existence. That’s because there were no people around when the earth was being formed. Scientists can, however, make educated guesses and have evolved various theories about the origins or our planet. These theories are based on clues that help them understand the world and the universe in which we live.

Surprisingly, this rocky home to mankind is the only planet whose name is not derived from Roman or Greek mythology. ‘Earth’ merely means ‘firm land.’ And that’s because the ancient Greeks and Roman astronomers did not consider it to be a planet at all. And our planet certainly lives up to its name – unlike most other planets, it is solid enough to land on; in other words, it is terrestrial in nature – terra meaning earth. Help your child learn more about this amazing planet of ours with these free Earth worksheets.

What makes the Earth unique?

  • It is the only planet in the solar system to have water in its liquid form. Water is a vital factor for supporting life as we know it.
  • The earth also happens to be the only place (as far we know) where life exists. Some other planets might possibly have life in some form, but scientists believe it could be as tiny as microbes. However, no one can rule out the possibility of life existing on other planets

The unique characteristics of our planet make it ideal for supporting a wide variety of life forms. You can find out how to keep our planet safe and healthy for all plants and animals with the fun Earth science worksheets on this page. Or, you can take the learning to a whole new level with our engaging Earth activities .

And when they are done, don’t forget to check out other interesting Science worksheets.

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