Vehicle Coloring Pages

Crayons and coloring pages are all your little one needs to play artistic virtuoso. Introduce him to these printable Vehicle coloring pages for kids and unleash the Picasso within!

Self-expression for Children – Printable Vehicle Coloring Pages

Why do kids love colors so much? One theory is that colors are a form of self-expression. Kids who are allowed to choose their own colors (clothes, room décor, etc.) are more assertive, self-confident and able to express themselves easily. Children use colors to express emotions they cannot put into words.

Psychotherapists use colors to help children identify and distinguish between emotions and discuss them in a positive manner. This technique is known as ‘Color your Life’ and works best with kids aged 6 and above who are able to comprehend their own feelings and are familiar with the names of colors.

Your Kid and Colors – Free Vehicle Coloring Pages

Whatever vehicle coloring page you print for your child, make sure you let him pick the colors he likes. Children take their colors seriously – it is their way of avoiding pressure from the outside world and asserting their independence. Children between 5 and 10 are highly influenced by their peers color choices. Girls like to show off their colorful clothes while boys favor the colors of their favorite sports teams.

Vehicle coloring pages online are a wonderful playground where your child can build his self-affirmation.

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