People Coloring Pages

There are a variety of ways in which you can color human figures. The best way to perfect your technique is to experiment with different media and practice as much as you can. Here are a bunch of printable People coloring pages to help you develop your coloring skills.

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Free People Coloring Pages – Use of Different Media

Learn how the use of different media can help you become a better artist:

  1. Colored pencils – These work well for coloring pages that contain intricate designs because the lead is strong enough to be sharpened for finely detailed work.

    Tip - For a more sophisticated look, lightly layer one pencil on top of another and apply a final layer of cream, white or colorless pencil – all of them will blend in nicely together.

  2. Crayons – There are so many colors available that even adult artists get excited about the idea of using crayons. Younger children can use large-3-sided crayons that their little fingers can grip nicely. Older kids love novelty crayons neon and flesh-toned colors.

    Tip – Melted crayons can be used to create unique pieces of art.

We hope you these tips help you to color these People coloring pages in the prettiest possible shades!

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