Nature Coloring Pages

Kids love to color and you’d be surprised how many benefits there are when your child simply colors a printed page. Browse through these printable Nature coloring pages and find out for yourself!

Also see Plants coloring pages for extra practice.

Benefits of Free Nature Coloring Pages for Kids

  1. When your child begins to color, he learns how to hold a crayon or pencil in the correct manner. This helps develop the grip and strength of his hand muscles.
  2. The ability (or inability) to color determines children’s handwriting readiness. Pay attention to how he grips the crayon, his posture and the use of the other (helping) hand as he holds the paper to color. This shows whether he is ready to graduate to handwriting.
  3. Coloring is great for developing your child’s hand-eye coordination. As he gets more coloring practice, his movements will become neater and more precise.
  4. Coloring even simple pictures helps your child to recognize shapes, forms, lines, colors and hues, in addition to developing a sense of perspective. Another major advantage is that he learns to identify and distinguish between patterns – a crucial pre-math skill.

These are just a few benefits of doing fun Nature coloring pages and activities. Do you know any others?

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