Fairy Tales Coloring Pages

Kids are blessed with an unfettered imagination. Unleash your child’s creativity with this range of printable Fairy Tales Coloring Pages for little artists.

And when he’s done, get him started with other fun coloring pages he is sure to enjoy!

Why do Kids Love Fairy Tales Coloring Pages?

According to Carl Jung, fairy tales contain the archetypes buried deep inside the psyche and that they give verbal form to the collective unconscious that we lose touch with by the time we reach adulthood.

Another, slightly more prosaic explanation of the fascination of fairy tales, is that they hold a mirror to a child’s daily life, and magnifies mundane events on a grand scale. Seen from a child’s viewpoint, the world appears in stark colors of black and white – no shades of grey for them.

Reading about the larger-than-life characters with extraordinary powers and the struggle of good versus evil that prominently features in fairy tales gives a sense of empowerment to children. It also lends some excitement to their daily lives and allows them to give free rein to their imagination.

Indulge your child’s need for fantasy and add some color to his life with these free fun Fairy Tales coloring pages.

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