Fairies Coloring Pages

Fairies are a race of mythical and legendary beings that usually populate the realms of folklore. ‘The good people’ and their doings have always fascinated kids and adults alike. Browse through our series of printable Fairies Coloring Pages for kids.

And you’ll also find a whole lot of fun coloring pages on this website!

Learn about Fairies – Through Printable Fairies Coloring Pages

Here are some interesting fairy facts for you:

  • There are different kinds of fairies depending on size – some are tiny, smaller than bees, while others are powerful enough to control and direct the forces of nature.
  • Fairies love the sounds of laughter, music and dancing, the smell of fresh flowers and all things sparkly. You can easily lure them with crystal jewelry, tinsel or silver.
  • Looking for a fairy? You are most likely to find them in the hollows of trees, in border hedges, under toadstools or the place where streams diverge. To enter the world of fairies, you walk nine times around their hiding places on a full moon night.
  • If you have cramps, bruises, or rheumatic aches and pains, you’ve been pinched by an angry fairy!

You will find some pretty fairies here in Fairies coloring pages online!

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