Color by Number Worksheets

Aren’t color-by-number worksheets a fun way to sneak in counting exercises into coloring pages? Kids generally love such worksheets as they bring to them a treasure trove of activities that feel almost similar to puzzles! Figuring out one number after another and then joining all to reveal an image is almost like a reward to the kids at the end of the lesson! So, what are you waiting for? Bring it on and have fun with our free color by number worksheets!

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Printable Color by Number Worksheets – Why your Child will Love Them

Kids love colors and the brighter the better. But simple coloring pages can get boring after a while. Color by Number worksheets make it more challenging (and therefore interesting) for them by making them math the color with the number in order to figure which color goes where.

Your budding artiste is in for hours of entertainment and he doesn’t even know he’s learning something in the bargain! Coloring pictures by numbers helps youngsters master vital skills such as number recognition, hand-eye coordination, distinguishing between shapes and colors, creativity and planning.

In addition to this, children also learn to follow instructions while doing an activity, understand symbols and develop the self-discipline to complete a task they start.

Our free Color by Number worksheets are a great complement other creative activities for kids, including art and craft activities and coloring worksheets for preschoolers, kindergartners and 1st graders.

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