Addition Worksheets

Your child is expected to master the concept of addition during the preschool years. Like other math concepts, addition is taught and built on the foundation of previously learnt concepts – he cannot learn subtraction without learning addition, learning division without multiplication is impossible, and so on. It is therefore crucial that your child master addition as fully and completely as possible.

Use these free printable addition worksheets to boost your child's math skills.

How to make addition fun

Parents of younger children know how difficult it is to hold a child’s attention when you’re trying to teach him something. This is where your creativity kicks in – take advantage of every ‘teachable’ moment to teach addition– at the restaurant, count the number of plates and glasses on the table; on the street, count the number of blue cars, and so on. The trick is to make addition fun for your child, make use of everyday activities and situations and start off with easier addition problems before moving on to tougher ones. We have a wide range of addition worksheets designed to make addition fun for your child. Use these free addition printables and math will never be boring again!

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