Social Studies Resources

JumpStart has a large collection of social studies teaching resources that will bring the subject alive and make it fun and relevant for students. Find fun worksheets, exciting activities and detailed lesson plans that teachers can use to change the way their students learn social studies.

JumpStart’s social studies resources for teachers make geography, history and civics more interesting and understandable. With the help of these teaching tools, teachers should have no trouble getting their students excited about historical events and far-off countries.


Using Different Kinds of Social Studies Resources

Using a wide variety of social studies resources is important to ensure that there is something interesting for every type of learner. JumpStart has reading material, hands-on activities and long-term projects that will involve students and get them thinking about their lessons. Just look for teaching resources that suit your needs, print and use them!

Online Social Studies Resources Based on Technology

The internet has social studies teaching resources that make use of the latest technology to transform the way the subject is taught and learnt. Students can visit any country in the world from their classroom, travel back in history to see how famous roads looked a hundred years ago, and read stories about and watch videos of historical events. JumpStart has lots of fun games that parents and teachers can use to see how well students have understood the subject.


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