Winter Games

Do you hate being cooped up indoors because of the weather? Here are some fun outdoor winter games for kids that’ll have you and your friends making a beeline for the nearest snowdrift.

Also browse through our printable winter activities for kids.

  1. Snowy tug-of-war

    Dig a trench in the snow for the midline. Form two opposing teams with each grabbing one end of a thick rope. The team that pulls the opposing group over wins. Let the snowy tug-of-war begin!

  2. Hula-hoop contest

    Bundle up, grab some hula hoops and challenge your friends to a contest. The one who lasts longest wins. Beware, it’s a lot harder than it seems!

  3. Dress up the Adults

    This game is for adults and kids. Have a few adults make a pile of their winter clothing (coats, hats, scarves, jackets) next to them. Each kid will line up in front of an adult, run up and place a piece of clothing on the adult. The first one who succeeds in putting on all the clothes wins. This game is for days when it really is too cold to go outside.

  4. Snowman Frisbee

    Have the kids build a snowman and take turns to throw a hat just like they would throw a Frisbee, so that it lands on his head. Keep a distance of about 10 feet. The kid with the most accurate aim wins.

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