Winter Coloring Pages

You are in the depths of winter the weatherman is full of gloomy predictions about snow and rain. Some days the sun does its best to shine but it only reminds you that spring is still too far away to hope for. And all you want is some color in your life! Check out these free coloring pages for kids to banish the cold-weather blues and bring in some cheerful hues.

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Explore the Colors of Winter – With Printable Coloring Pages

Winter is a season when all of nature seems to go into spontaneous hibernation. But if you look around, you’ll notice that the sky turns a deep cornflower blue when the sun does shine and there are all sorts of blue, white and purple shadows in the snow. There’s no way to miss the almost unbearably beautiful reds of the redwoods that seem to gain depth as the days grow shorter.

The seemingly dull white of the snow forms a beautiful backdrop for the yellow birches, amber cherry trees and the brown maples. The wildflowers that manage to survive the onslaught of the cold add irresistible splashes of color to the winter landscape. And then there are the dusks and the dawn that take on an unearthly beauty of their own when the thermometer dips into single digit figures.

Learn about the glorious colors of winter through these free fun coloring pages for kids.

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