Winter Activities

It’s too cold to play outside and the sun seems like a vague memory from another lifetime. AND you’re bored! Here are some fun indoor activities for kids that will make you wish winter would go on forever!

And when you’re done with these, check out some fun stuff to refresh your summer memories.

Fun Kids’ Activities for Winter

Check out our fun, free winter activities that promise you great bonding moments with kids.

How can Winter be Made More Fun

It’s time to banish the blues and bring back all those wonderful traditional activities that make this sunless season so endearing.

  1. Make a cup of hot cocoa

    This is the cup that cheers and warms you up when you’re home on a dark dreary afternoon after braving the elements.

    Tip – Spice it up with a dash of cinnamon or vanilla or even some grated nutmeg. Wins hands-down in the cockle-warming stakes!

  2. Host a chestnut-roasting party

    Apparently chestnuts used to be a popular food staple in America until a fungal attack wiped them out. Now they are mostly imported from China or Korea. Invite a few friends over and celebrate the holiday season by roasting chestnuts on an open fire.

    Tip – Nuts are perishable food items so store them in ventilated bags in the refrigerator.

  3. Curl up with a quilt and a book

    Nothing beats snuggling under a warm quilt when it’s freezing outside. And what better company than a dog-eared classic to cuddle up with?

    Tip - Check out the NY Times Bestseller Lists and pick a well-reviewed one. Your favorite Harry Potter will do equally well.

Would winter be the same without these traditional winter activities? Probably not. Write in and tell us what YOU like to do for snowy season!

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