Winter brings dipping temperatures, chilly winds, pelting rain and often snow in its wake. Here are some fun things to do for kids in winter.

And don’t forget to browse through other seasonal worksheets, and activities.

Winter for kids – How’s it Like?

Mostly it’s snowstorms and icy winds if you live in Boston or Denver and mild temperatures and rainy days if you happen to live in LA. Many people like their winter just so, complete with snow and everything that goes with it – sledding, snowball fights, making snowmen and so on. But snow also goes with shovels, cars trapped in snowbanks, power failures, driving in bad weather and a long list of woes.

But winter is also a time of winter traditions that help you conquer the cold-weather blues and embrace the beauty of nature. From that warm sweater Gramma made for you when you were little to the hot cocoa that you gulped down when you returned from school every afternoon, there’s a lot to love about thus sun-deprived time of year.

Let’s make winter more fun with these interesting activities, worksheets, coloring pages, crafts and other things to do in winter with kids!

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