After the long, dark and harsh winter months, there is no melody sweeter than the singing of robins and no sight more refreshing than the blooming spring flowers. As the spring sun lifts the mists of winter, we step into the loveliest three months of the year. Together, they are called spring. One of the four main seasons of the year, spring comes after winter and before summer. In most countries in the northern hemisphere, spring is celebrated in the months of March, April and May.

There is something merry about this season and it translates into the general good mood all around. Various cultures around the world welcome spring by celebrating festivals like Easter, Holi, etc. The little ones will soon know all that is related to this beautiful season.

Spring - The Season of Rebirth and Renewal

Spring has often been associated with renewal and rebirth and one can see why. As the days start getting longer and brighter, one can see a spattering of colorful blooms all around. With the arrival of spring, the frozen meadows and fields begin to thaw and display a variety of spring flowers in myriad colors. The most common among the spring blooms include cherry blossoms, lilies, tulips, poppies, lavenders, daffodils, camellias, etc.

With spring also being holiday time, the kids will be home a lot more. Keep the little ones busy with our free, fun, and printable spring worksheets. Get them to make the most of the season by engaging them with the fun spring activities and spring crafts.

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