Fall Worksheets

Love the season of falling leaves and cooler breezes? Then check our fall-themed worksheets for kids of all ages!

Fun Facts about Fall

Fall is that in-between season when summer starts inching towards winter. The weather gets colder and the wind blows sharper and the leaves change their color and turn brown before falling.

  • For the Japanese, fall is a time to remember the dead and hold week-long Buddhist services.
  • The British call it ‘autumn,’ we call it ‘fall.’ But both words date form the 16th century, before which the period used to be known as ‘harvest.’
  • Orange and black – the colors associated with Halloween – originate from two different sources. Black is the color of night and darkness, while orange is the color of fall leaves and both colors come together for Halloween.
  • Ever tried standing an egg on its end? You can perform this amazing feat only on two days of the year – the spring equinox and the autumn equinox.

Our printable Fall worksheets make learning fun across all grades!

And when you’re done with them, don’t forget to try other interesting worksheets!

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