Fall Crafts

Fall is that special time between spring and winter. Check out these free printable fall-themed crafts for kids of all ages!

What happens in fall?

  • The weather begins to get colder, the days grow shorter and there is less sunlight. Some fall days can be warm with chilly breezes blowing through the night.
  • Some animals eat a lot to gain weight that will see them through the winter. Other animals and birds migrate to warmer places in order to survive the harsh cold of winter. Most of them gather and store food for the coming winter.
  • You’ll also find that many plants stop making food, while some tree leaves change their color during this season.
  • Fall is also the time when farmers pick or harvest crops and celebrate the harvest with special fall revelry. Pumpkins are a major crop during fall. They are made into soups, pies and carved into lanterns for Halloween and Samhain. (Samhain is an ancient Gaelic festival celebrated October 31 – November 1.)

Have your child celebrate fall with these fun interesting crafts!

And when he’s done, don’t forget to check other free printable arts and crafts for kids!

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