As John Keats put it so memorably; fall (or autumn) is a “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness …” Browse through our collection of free fall-themed printables for kids across grades.

Why Everybody loves Fall

For many people, fall is their favorite time of year. And with good reason too.

Fall is a season to indulge your heightened senses. Nothing compares to the eye-pleasing colors of leaves that are at the peak of their beauty. Captured in stunning pictures, their splendor looks almost touched up! The smells of burning leaves and wood smoke are so reminiscent of fall, it can actually take you down memory lane even if Central Park is the closest you’ve been to the sights and sounds of fall.

This is the time to drool over Mom’s apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream and Thanksgiving turkey with sage and thyme dressing with the refrigerator stuffed with leftovers for weeks afterwards.

The cool frosty mornings give way to the warmth of an Indian summer that is followed by the wind and rain that is never too far away. The feel and touch of fall can be magical – composting raked leaves, getting your hands dirty with earth as you put the garden to bed for the coming winter.

The siren song of Fall can be hard to resist.

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