Resources for Seasons

Our years are divided into 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn/fall and winter. Though they overlap at times, each season lasts approximately 3 months and has a special attribute that distinguishes it from the other three. Spring is when the frozen earth begins to thaw and things start to grow, summer is the warmest of the four seasons, autumn marks the transition of summer into the last and the coldest season of the year - winter.

Seasons are responsible for the behavior of nature on earth as they impact growth and decline. In other words, seasons affect the life cycle of plants and animals on earth. For example, in autumn, leaves change colors and start to fall. In spring, the same trees blossom. Winter makes many animals hibernate and birds migrate to places with warmer climate. Seasons also determine our actions and activities. For example, when it is too hot in the summers, we are out of school and chilling at home with coolers. Our seasons worksheets, activities, coloring pages, and crafts will help keep the kids occupied during these times.

How are Seasons Created?

Seasons have existed ever since the creation of the earth. As the earth revolves around the sun, we experience different seasons. This happens because of the earth’s tilt as it orbits the sun. The amount of sunlight that a place receives determines the season it is experiencing.

Teach your kids about the various seasons with our free and printable worksheets and activities for all grades. Add more fun into the learning, introduce your kids to our fun and colorful craft ideas.

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