School Resources for Kids of All Ages

Teachers can always use extra help when it comes to teaching resources. Whether the teacher teaches at a school or homeschools, there are plenty of teaching aids available that can make the task easier.

JumpStart has a large collection of school resources. The activities and worksheets here are categorized by subject:

Reading Resources

Math Resources

Science Resources

English Resources

Social Studies Resources

Geography Resources

Art Resources

Art Worksheets

Art Activities

Art Lesson Plans


Primary School Resources

Primary school resources are perhaps more important than for any other age group. Primary school students are at the beginning of their educational journey, and it is at this first stage that teachers should captivate their interest and instill in them a love for learning. Students at this stage are not used to classroom settings. A lot of fun activities, games and other such forms of learning help them adapt to the concept of a classroom and a teacher. Primary school resources help teachers with activity ideas, lesson plans, worksheets, craft projects and other such teaching aids.

Middle School Resources

Middle school resources include supplementary teaching material for teachers like lesson plans, teaching aids, etc., to keep lessons fun and interesting. Additionally, there are lots of resources for students like quizzes, online games and exercises for extra practice. Teachers can find networking facilities to discuss classroom practices and challenges with other middle school teachers.

High School Resources

High school resources focus more on students’ needs. The topics are very specific, and the teaching/studying tools are more about getting students interested in the subject matter. High school study tools include a wide range of self-help resources. Teachers and students can find homework help, project ideas, practice material, audio-visual teaching aids and material for extra reading in addition to school resources like lesson plans, worksheets and activities.

Home School Resources

Plenty of home school resources for all subjects and grades are available on the internet. These include a wide variety of curricula to choose from for each subject, curriculum reviews, homeschooling community forums, printable worksheets, activities and more!


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