Labor Day Worksheets

Labor Day differs from every other American holiday because it is dedicated to not one man but the combined socio-economic effort and achievement of the workers of America and the world. Help your child learn more about this unique holiday with free printable Labor Day worksheets.

Labor Day Printables

Interesting Facts about Labor Day – Through Free Labor Day Worksheets

  1. President Grover Cleveland staunchly opposed organized labor groups but pushed the Labor Day Bill through Congress in order to head of the riots that were breaking out all over the country.
  2. Some people contend that the real founder of the Labor Day movement was a machinist called Matthew Maguire, not the carpenter Peter McGuire.
  3. The Sunday before Labor Sunday is designated as Labor Sunday to promote the educational and spiritual philosophy behind the Labor movement.
  4. The battle for Labor Day has its roots in the 16-hour workdays that American workers had to put in before more humane conditions came into force.Labor Day protesters demanded that their workday be shortened to 10 hours and a modest pay hike of 2 dollars an hour.
  5. The first Labor Day rally was organized by the Knights of Labor, an organized union or workers.

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