Labor Day Activities

Your child is never too young to learn about the significance of Labor Day. Explore and imbibe the values associated with this day with these free printable Labor Day activities for kids.

And when you’re done, don’t forget to browse through Labor Day worksheets!

How to Teach your Child about Labor Day

Here are some activities to help him get acquainted with Labor Day:

  1. Take him to work
    Labor Day is a good opportunity for your child to see your workplace and observe your work conditions. Show him around and introduce him to people who will demonstrate what it is like to be a worker and the value of each person’s labor.
  2. Allow him to work
    Kids learn more through action than talk. Even very young children can learn about the importance of labor by doing simple chores – from babysitting and taking out the trash to doing cleaning the yard and delivering newspapers.
  3. Reading related books
    Your local library is sure to stock books that teach kids about the dignity of labor and how each profession has a significant impact on the community.Older kids are sure to be interested in books that provide information about different careers and professions.

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