Labor Day

For most of us, Labor Day is the official end of summer, a last chance to goof off before school and homework come calling. But it is much more than that. Learn about the holiday and its significance through these free fun Labor Day worksheets, activities and other educational resources for kids.

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Free Labor Day Resources for Kids

History of Labor Day for Kids

The idea of designating a special day to recognize workers’ rights originated from Peter McGuire, a New York carpenter. The 19th century was a bad time to be a worker. The hours were long, the work was tough and the pay was meager. In 1872, McGuire and 1,00,000 of his fellow workers went on strike to protest against the inhuman conditions they were forced to work in. They hit the streets in a massive rally demanding better conditions.

McGuire spent many years fighting for the cause of workers’ rights. His efforts were finally rewarded when the lot of workers improved radically and Congress declared the first Monday of September a national holiday.

Today we celebrate Labor Day with picnics, fireworks and parades. Many of us grab this opportunity to celebrate the end of the summer holidays, to invite friends and family for a barbecue or simply to relax a bit.

But along with the celebrations, we also need to remember that Labor Day is a tribute to those toiling workers who have made our country a great industrial hub.

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